Today is Good Friday..Know as “Good” for us..”Good” for  what Jesus had done on that day so many years ago for us. the events that day, predicted and accomplished are unimaginable even as we try to imagine.  Yet today, as some are saying Happy Easter..I am sure there is not much thought to what Jesus did..I think this as I immediately run through my mind the Easter Bunny..candy..children..dresses..even a past Easter when we did travel to my sisters and give my sons baseball gloves.

In my second family, we have concentrated on the death and ressurection of our saviour..the one who brought us out of sin. We have spent our last 20yrs celbrating his ressurection and going to church and having a family dinner. We shall do so here as my daughter has arrived and my son is here..my other 2 sons are in the other part of my life..where I will soon be.

In the month of April, I will prepare to go to my other life. In my other life there are the people that I raised my sencond family with..and my sons are there too..my husbands sons also..there will be a nephew wedding and a son wedding..a new church will be built from a fire loss, a garden planted, cows raised on pasture and knitting and spinning events..maybe even a job with an elderly person who wants to stay in their home…these moments I look forward to.

Goodness of April..its seems so good today..May you not miss out on goodness..let us see it, recognise it!  Happy Ressurection Sunday!



i really like what you wrote…and the last paragraph left me with something to think about…

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Passover 2009 was a time when it seemed like we could not get a break. I don’t remember all the troubles – it’s a fog now – but I had been struggling with depression and after six years in rabbinical school, I had only part time work as a rabbi. One son had a job so scary that I couldn’t think about it. The other son was having a tough time with bipolar disorder, and we were still adjusting to it. The previous year California voted in Prop 13, saying, yeah, you lesbians are worthless.

We didn’t have energy for a seder that year. Looking back, I think we were in the depths of Egypt and it was hard to even imagine a seder. I didn’t feel like going to someone else’s seder and smiling and making nice, and neither did Linda.

But we still had the commandment to observe the chag (festival.) I take these things seriously…

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2nd Day of Spring

As is my custom, I have come away to a coffee shop.  I enter the coffee shop expecting zero interaction, yet as expectations go, they never cease to be erroneous!

Arabic words are being spoken by a young man behind me in line. I do not recognise this, I have to ask.  He is afraid he is too loud, I assure him he is not, and I enjoy the sound.

This young man is very friendly and fluent in both English and Arabic. He is concerned that he has taken my seat later.

As the place fills at 4:15 there are people of all ages present, including toddlers.  Parents are apologising for their children, though they”re only being children in the nicest way, not the naughty kind. One father in his apology, introduces himself and shakes my hand, he asks me if I am writing a book, I blush and whisper..”a blog”, he wishes me lots of hits! I would like to be read, though it will only be by accident as I do not tell anyone..it is about that moment that I lose all I have written, and you, the reader, are better for it, you have been spared.

Now about Goldfinger, shortly after my last post..He smiled and said hello, I was pleasantly shocked! But we do not acknowledege each other today, in fact he moves in and out of the building and to a different seat! He was reading a book, maybe, Borge by Jorge Luis, is what I am remembering..but more importantly he was also reading.The New Yorker! And that is a story in itself. He is always reading an intense book though..or appearing to! He is still creepy, in a giggling way..because i can write about him like this and he will never know!

Then a younger mom, strikes up a conversation with me..she texts me here number as she leaves, we have talked for some time. She is a transplant from Conneticut and California (in my head I spelled: Cal i for ni A). Her husband and 8 yr old have gone on a mission trip and she remains here with her 4 yr old. She and I had very similar opinions on life here in this state.  She works with an elder population and I hang with the younger/elder population..not as old as hers. This mom asks me what is in my knitting basket and I am glad  to show her. This mom is a Christian also and I know God sent her by to encourage me. We all ought know that God will use us to encourage others or them to encourage us..keep on being used.

First out of the basket is a Baby Argyle Sweater..which was requested by a mom-to-be..at the time I said, “I don’t know how to do that!” I did not intend to learn it right yet either as I had it buried in my bucket list..well check that off and call me delighted..it is 14 rows of fun! Then came out the Minion Hat for a LARGE headed adult! She will be surprised when she gets it as I never said I would get it started! Apparently these hats are a one dumb movie project.

Luggage of The Gods..this is not a recommendation, but a warning..do not waste any of your life on this movie, it was wrong of our neighbors to do this to us last night, I thank God for yellow yarn and a crochet hook, too bad for my husband..though I think he half slept some!  I am going to spend the rest of my life telling people not to watch this movie, though it is on Amazon..you have been warned.

I am also crocheting a fast head cover for a person who has lost her hair.  This is a temporary one. She has been asked to pick a desired hat for me to knit.Color and style and yarn are the biggest worries. I look forward to knowing what she would really like to have and i hope it is a challenge of color and design!

Today is the 2nd day of Spring and in this state it came last week..so when you have snow in my other state, you can know that it really is spring in this state. Now if only the population here could notice!

And This Goes on Around Me

This day I find myself at yet another coffee shop. I find it relaxing to come out for coffee and listen to everything going on around me.
Today I see that guy, the one who looks like the man from ONCE..Goldfinger. He is a twin, maybe it is he and the eyeglasses he wears are vanity glasses. It could be that he wears them as a disguise now, while he reads. When I last saw him, in August, he did not wear them. He did read and he always seems to be here when I am, we do not notice each other, though by now we should be saying, “hello”. But he looks like that guy…
A young woman came in and I invited her to share this large table. She was thankful as there is a lamp, which is why I offered..the chairs are tucked off in the darkest recesses. It seems wrong for one person to use a table though the other 3 are solely occupied. She is a lovely, younger person, friendly and pleasant..I spoke little so she could work. The work is Graphic Designing. She has recently moved 2 hours from her work and is now “working from home” and albeit, a coffee shop. She chatted with the round table about missionary lives..and got back to work.
The round table has what may be a Pastor and another couple, she is an author and he and she do some organizational works together, church/ missionary related..she is lovely and he is a doughnut eater, and this not a fault, just all I observed of him as his back was to me.
One of the other large tables bore a conversation about teaching, the Bible and students. Later a woman with a lovely German accent arrived and she spoke about people working undercover carrying messages..she then dropped names with the other 2 men. I can only really say that I was so stuck on her accent, it was like music and I missed out on details.
There are students coming and going through here now, where in the previous hour it was more of us 5 and 6 decade people here..a busy place with a lot of interesting conversations. They were not whispering so I listened in.
I am knitting, face booking, words with friends and reading blogs..mostly listening.

So as I sat in a rocking chair..sewing a new binding on an old quilt..I gazed off to my book shelf..the one that holds knitting books. This book shelf does not hold all of them that I own..there are probably 10 concentrated knitting books areas. I love books..and knitting..but not only knitting.
As i looked at the books, I thought I will look at 2.
Louisa Harding’s HatsGlovesScarves..is full of embellishments, beannies and a tam!
“Yes”, I told my friend one time, “I will knit you a black tam of alpaca”..never did..still can and shall! She has even moved near where I am living far. It would be a really great accomplishment to knit all of the hats in this book..I could, I should..short, fast, bursts of creativity..directed by Louisa’s book.
A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd is a book of dual purpose..each pattern shows homespun items and that item also completed in a commercial yarn. I am a hand spinner and have a “really large holding of commercial yarns”. Now you know what I call “it”.
In a recent discussion with another knitter at The Big Stitch in Nashville..where I teach beginning knitting..she told me the benefit of listing my “holdings” in my Ravelry account..so I had begun..only begun.
In this book is a vest, Trinity, on page142. that is calling for yarn I have listed in my stash and a scarf, Tilly, on page 89. I only have to begin..I know where the yarn is and what it looks like and how much I have of it!
We can learn to see, organize and use..what we have. Taking action!



amaryllis log


I wanted to call this post something like “old man winter is a bastard” but thought perhaps not. I shall not let my immature nature and old man winter get the better of me. See here’s the deal, winter went on forever this last year. I think the last snow fall was sometime in the middle of May…yes MAY, the month of May! Now for us who live in the northern hemisphere this is rather ridiculous but who can I send my complaint to? Certainly not ye ole father winter. So I threw my knitting aside and went running outdoors begging for sunshine and finally around July it happened and all of this faded into the past. But alas, we who live in the frozen tundra return to the frozen tundra as the temperatures again fade, but on a brighter note, we pick up our projects and finish them. Yep…

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Today being a Monday

I am not a fan of this 1st day..but since I gave yesterday such high praise..I am going to do that today too! My daughter reminded  me at 10 pm she had her Road Test scheduled for 10 am an hour away. AT 8am…she discovers it is at 12! Ok! But I really don’t roll so easily..now this is quite..well annoying..so I take a big breath..and press my lips together and bend my head to my kindle…One Thousand Gifts..keep reading….she vents verbally just like she has seen me do..this is not attractive. SO THEN..I had another cup of Java Time..and then went outside to my garden cleaned out the row and planted  more green beans. Picked some cukes and cherry tomatoes..now I am sitting on the suntanning deck…the  cat is all over me..nipping and bumping me for attention..even doing the face rub on my nose
as I am trying to type! My daughter states  she is cooking French Toast..and offered me some..I am sorry to say my 1st answer was …no thanks…but I changed it to “yes, I will have one” because that really was not the right answer..was it? YES…I will take this day as it comes..not ordered by me..but so different..it has a special goodness..because that is how I will see it…one day of many blessings..even while my salted cukes wait!

I am a minority?

Recently I have traveled to Deleware..and Virginia..lovely weather wish you were there…I have to say that white – skinned Americans are not the norm..I also will say that I am still surprised..and…say that really we white skinned are the minority..in housing..working places…many times I wonder …will I be able to communicate to my service providing person or the persons I pass on the stairs? I am the minority..what is the border issue in relation to how many foreigners walk amongst us? I just wish we could all communicate with words beyond pleasantries…God be amongst us in these communications!