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I am not a fan of this 1st day..but since I gave yesterday such high praise..I am going to do that today too! My daughter reminded  me at 10 pm she had her Road Test scheduled for 10 am an hour away. AT 8am…she discovers it is at 12! Ok! But I really don’t roll so easily..now this is quite..well annoying..so I take a big breath..and press my lips together and bend my head to my kindle…One Thousand Gifts..keep reading….she vents verbally just like she has seen me do..this is not attractive. SO THEN..I had another cup of Java Time..and then went outside to my garden cleaned out the row and planted  more green beans. Picked some cukes and cherry tomatoes..now I am sitting on the suntanning deck…the  cat is all over me..nipping and bumping me for attention..even doing the face rub on my nose
as I am trying to type! My daughter states  she is cooking French Toast..and offered me some..I am sorry to say my 1st answer was …no thanks…but I changed it to “yes, I will have one” because that really was not the right answer..was it? YES…I will take this day as it comes..not ordered by me..but so different..it has a special goodness..because that is how I will see it…one day of many blessings..even while my salted cukes wait!

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