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And This Goes on Around Me

This day I find myself at yet another coffee shop. I find it relaxing to come out for coffee and listen to everything going on around me.
Today I see that guy, the one who looks like the man from ONCE..Goldfinger. He is a twin, maybe it is he and the eyeglasses he wears are vanity glasses. It could be that he wears them as a disguise now, while he reads. When I last saw him, in August, he did not wear them. He did read and he always seems to be here when I am, we do not notice each other, though by now we should be saying, “hello”. But he looks like that guy…
A young woman came in and I invited her to share this large table. She was thankful as there is a lamp, which is why I offered..the chairs are tucked off in the darkest recesses. It seems wrong for one person to use a table though the other 3 are solely occupied. She is a lovely, younger person, friendly and pleasant..I spoke little so she could work. The work is Graphic Designing. She has recently moved 2 hours from her work and is now “working from home” and albeit, a coffee shop. She chatted with the round table about missionary lives..and got back to work.
The round table has what may be a Pastor and another couple, she is an author and he and she do some organizational works together, church/ missionary related..she is lovely and he is a doughnut eater, and this not a fault, just all I observed of him as his back was to me.
One of the other large tables bore a conversation about teaching, the Bible and students. Later a woman with a lovely German accent arrived and she spoke about people working undercover carrying messages..she then dropped names with the other 2 men. I can only really say that I was so stuck on her accent, it was like music and I missed out on details.
There are students coming and going through here now, where in the previous hour it was more of us 5 and 6 decade people here..a busy place with a lot of interesting conversations. They were not whispering so I listened in.
I am knitting, face booking, words with friends and reading blogs..mostly listening.

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So as I sat in a rocking chair..sewing a new binding on an old quilt..I gazed off to my book shelf..the one that holds knitting books. This book shelf does not hold all of them that I own..there are probably 10 concentrated knitting books areas. I love books..and knitting..but not only knitting.
As i looked at the books, I thought I will look at 2.
Louisa Harding’s HatsGlovesScarves..is full of embellishments, beannies and a tam!
“Yes”, I told my friend one time, “I will knit you a black tam of alpaca”..never did..still can and shall! She has even moved near where I am living far. It would be a really great accomplishment to knit all of the hats in this book..I could, I should..short, fast, bursts of creativity..directed by Louisa’s book.
A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd is a book of dual purpose..each pattern shows homespun items and that item also completed in a commercial yarn. I am a hand spinner and have a “really large holding of commercial yarns”. Now you know what I call “it”.
In a recent discussion with another knitter at The Big Stitch in Nashville..where I teach beginning knitting..she told me the benefit of listing my “holdings” in my Ravelry account..so I had begun..only begun.
In this book is a vest, Trinity, on page142. that is calling for yarn I have listed in my stash and a scarf, Tilly, on page 89. I only have to begin..I know where the yarn is and what it looks like and how much I have of it!
We can learn to see, organize and use..what we have. Taking action!

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