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Today is Good Friday..Know as “Good” for us..”Good” for  what Jesus had done on that day so many years ago for us. the events that day, predicted and accomplished are unimaginable even as we try to imagine.  Yet today, as some are saying Happy Easter..I am sure there is not much thought to what Jesus did..I think this as I immediately run through my mind the Easter Bunny..candy..children..dresses..even a past Easter when we did travel to my sisters and give my sons baseball gloves.

In my second family, we have concentrated on the death and ressurection of our saviour..the one who brought us out of sin. We have spent our last 20yrs celbrating his ressurection and going to church and having a family dinner. We shall do so here as my daughter has arrived and my son is here..my other 2 sons are in the other part of my life..where I will soon be.

In the month of April, I will prepare to go to my other life. In my other life there are the people that I raised my sencond family with..and my sons are there too..my husbands sons also..there will be a nephew wedding and a son wedding..a new church will be built from a fire loss, a garden planted, cows raised on pasture and knitting and spinning events..maybe even a job with an elderly person who wants to stay in their home…these moments I look forward to.

Goodness of April..its seems so good today..May you not miss out on goodness..let us see it, recognise it!  Happy Ressurection Sunday!


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i really like what you wrote…and the last paragraph left me with something to think about…

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Passover 2009 was a time when it seemed like we could not get a break. I don’t remember all the troubles – it’s a fog now – but I had been struggling with depression and after six years in rabbinical school, I had only part time work as a rabbi. One son had a job so scary that I couldn’t think about it. The other son was having a tough time with bipolar disorder, and we were still adjusting to it. The previous year California voted in Prop 13, saying, yeah, you lesbians are worthless.

We didn’t have energy for a seder that year. Looking back, I think we were in the depths of Egypt and it was hard to even imagine a seder. I didn’t feel like going to someone else’s seder and smiling and making nice, and neither did Linda.

But we still had the commandment to observe the chag (festival.) I take these things seriously…

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